Sword Brush®

  • Linear Brushes

    The linear brush continuously runs around the outer contours of the sword-like shape of the Sword Brush. The Sword Brush wipes crosswise over the subject surface. During this process the brush filaments effectively remove particles and dust. Linear brushes are high-end products that are manufactured by the sister company Wandres Brush Hitec GmbH located in the southern Black Forest. They may be used for 24/7 industrial applications and have a long industrial life.

  • Pressure buffer

    The contact area of the linear brush is flexibly bedded on a pneumatically regulated pressure buffer. The pressure buffer compensates for uneven surfaces and variations in material thickness of up to +/- 2 mm.

  • Self-cleaning mechanism

    A self-cleaning unit constantly regenerates the linear brushes during use in continuous operations in industrial production. A rotating rack and compressed air nozzles detach particles both mechanically and pneumatically from the linear brushes. The loose particles are immediately disposed of by a suction system.

Micro filaments

The linear brush belt may be equipped with a large number of very thin mirco filaments. This increases the wiping contacts between filaments and subject service by more than 260% compared with standard brush filaments. The enlarged contact area and the dipping of the micro filaments into the surface structures provide for outstanding cleaning results without using any cleaning agents. Sword Brushes with micro filaments have a low purchase price and very low running costs.

Ingromat® system

With some applications, e.g. during the cleaning before lacquering, the anti-static cleaning agent Ingromat needs to be used in combination with the standard brush filaments to achieve utmost cleaning results. Cleaning with the Ingromat makes use of capillary adhesive forces and consists of three steps:
  1. Micro-moistening of the brush filaments with Ingromat® antistatic cleaning agent
  2. Cleaning of the product surface using brush cleaning technology, particles are absorbed by the brushes and conveyed to a suction system
  3. Self-cleaning mechanism of the circulating linear brush performed by a rotating rack and compressed air nozzles. A suction system disposes of the detached particles

Pressure buffer

The linear brush is mounted flexibly on a pressure buffer. The pressure buffer is regulated via compressed air and ensures that brush filaments constantly assume a vertical position, even in relation to uneven surfaces, therefore maintaining a constant wiping pressure on the surface. This guarantees premium cleaning results.

Option air assisted pre-cleaning

The suction channel Trans-Vac-Unit TKL 46 may be installed at the infeed of the Sword Brush as an option. It absorbes coarse particles, provides for a clean production environment and disburdens the brush cleaning process.


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