Sword Brush®

  • Linear Brushes

    The brush filaments are manufactured in abrasion-resistant polyamide and embedded in a brush belt made of a high-tech composite material. The linear brushes are produced in Germany by our subsidiary company and have a very long service life.

  • Ingromat®-Sprayer

    The sprayer provides for the micro-moistening of the brush filaments with the Ingromat® cleaning and antistatic agent and operates with a low pressure system.

  • Pressure buffer

    The contact area of the linear brush is flexibly bedded on a pneumatically regulated pressure buffer. The pressure buffer compensates for uneven surfaces and variations in material thickness of up to +/- 2 mm.

  • Self-cleaning mechanism

    A self-cleaning unit constantly regenerates the linear brushes during use in continuous operations in industrial production. A rotating rack and compressed air nozzles detach particles both mechanically and pneumatically from the linear brushes. The loose particles are immediately disposed of by a suction system.

Ingromat® system

  1. Micro-moistening of the brush filaments with Ingromat® antistatic cleaning agent
  2. Cleaning of the product surface using brush cleaning technology, particles are absorbed by the brushes and conveyed to a suction system
  3. Self-cleaning mechanism of the circulating linear brush performed by a rotating rack and compressed air nozzles. A suction system disposes of the detached particles

Pressure buffer

The linear brush is flexibly bedded on a pressure buffer. The pressure buffer is regulated via compressed air and ensures that brush filaments constantly assume a vertical position, even in relation to uneven surfaces, therefore maintaining a constant wiping pressure on the surface. This guarantees premium cleaning results.


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