Tornado Channel

  • Compressed air nozzles

    Either rotating Tornado Nozzles or fixed Power Nozzles are at work within the Tornado Channel. The rotating Tornado Nozzles are particularly suitable for cleaning profiled surfaces or surfaces with structures. The fixed Power Nozzles are tasked primarily with cleaning surfaces which have blind holes or through holes.

  • Individual valves

    Each nozzle can be activated either by means of a mechanical valve or electrically via a signal to a magnetic valve. If the magnetic valves are connected to an existing overall control system, the consumption of compressed air can be kept to a minimum.

  • Profile

    The cleaning nozzles are mounted on a u-shaped aluminium profile at fixed intervals. Air diverters and spacing rollers are positioned at the inlet and outlet of the channel. The diverters prevent excessive false air being drawn in while the rollers guide the panels on entry to the channel and provide for an optimal distance to the product surface.

Tornado Nozzles

Tornado Nozzles rotate at high speeds. During the rotational movement, the arms of the Tornado Nozzles intermesh precisely like cogs, creating absolute synchronicity. The circular cleaning areas overlap, thereby delivering seamless cleaning results across the entire product surface. Compressed air is expelled by the nozzles at sonic speed and detaches particles and dust extremely effectively from flat, structured or profiled surfaces.

Power Nozzles

Power Nozzles have fixed nozzle heads with a prism-shaped surface structure. The nozzles emit a high-impact jet of compressed air which strikes the product surface at a slight angle. Particles can be blasted out of through holes, blind holes or saw cuts and subsequently removed via vacuum extraction.


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