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Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning develops effective and reliable cleaning systems for perfectly clean surfaces in industrial production.

News 16. November 2021

Surface cleaning - Zero chance for dust

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15. - 17. March 2022 ICE Europe, Munich, Germany Hall A5, booth 1256
The world's leading exhibition for all experts that are active in the processing and refinement of endless materials such as paper, film, foil and nonwoven fabrics.
“We provide the best cleaning technology wherever particles and dust on surfaces cause flaws and rejects during production.“ Claus G. Wandres, founder of the company


Boards and Panels

Dust-free surfaces are an essential prerequisite for the production of high-end boards and panels. Particles and dust can easily disrupt processing on modern production lines, compromise product quality and prove costly. Our Combi Sword Brushes show impressive results in continuous industrial operations, delivering an outstanding cleaning performance with low operating and maintenance costs.

Cleaning of boards and panels

Sheet Metal

Grinding particles, swarf or dust may prove costly during transforming or levelling processes by compromising quality and causing rejects or cost-intensive retouching work. Our compact cleaning systems may easily be integrated into existing production lines and are ideal for continuous operations in industrial production. They deliver superb cleaning results despite reasonable operating and maintenance costs.

Cleaning of sheet metal


Clean surfaces are integral to the production of premium quality glass products. Particles and dust can disrupt production processes and compromise quality. The inline cleaning of flat glass, solar glass or display glass improves productivity and production quality and reduces the strain on post-process washing machines.

Cleaning of glass


Perfect cleaning of cartonboard, paper, film and foil webs is a vital step in the production process. Even minuscule particles can interfere with printing, coating or gluing processes, jeopardising quality and increasing the reject rate. When particles are dragged along the line and need to be manually removed from transport or printing rollers, the downtime consitutes a costly and time-consuming disruption to the whole facility. Efficient inline cleaning improves quality and productivity in the production process.

Cleaning for converting


Perfect surface quality is of ultimate importance in the automotive industry. Even the most minute particles can seriously compromise quality and disrupt automated production processes. A thorough and reliable cleaning process can boost productivity and significantly improve product quality.

Cleaning in the automotive industry

Testing Facility at our Technology Centre

Working for Wandres

The ongoing development of our products, direct marketing and a high degree of vertical integration enable us to offer attractive job opportunities and interesting training positions on a regular basis. We are delighted to welcome every new member to our team!

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