Web Sword Brush

  • Adjustment frame

    The cleaning modules may be adjusted vertically via the adjustment frame. If you change the web, pneumatic cylinders rapidly lift the Sword Brushes off the product surface so that the junction between the webs can pass the machine smoothly.

  • Ingromat® sprayer

    Brush filaments are micro-moistened with the antistatic cleaning agent Ingromat®. Micro-moistened filaments can effectively absorb large quantities of dust particles even at high web speeds. The web itself will remain dry during the process.

  • Collective suction

    At the self-cleaning unit, there are roto racks and compressed air nozzles that physically detach the particles from the linear brush. Afterwards, these particles are transported towards the collective suction connection.

Ingromat® cleaning system

  1. Micro-moistening of the brush filaments with Ingromat® antistatic cleaning agent
  2. Cleaning of the product surface using brush cleaning technology, particles are absorbed by the brushes and conveyed to a suction system
  3. Self-cleaning mechanism of the circulating linear brush performed by a rotating rack and compressed air nozzles. A suction system disposes of the detached particles

Lifting of brushes towards the edges

Web cleaning is performed by two Sword Brushes wiping from above and a further two wiping from below. The linear brushes are lifted slightly at the periphery of the web and touch the surface again only after having just passed the edge. Thus the edges will not be folded or damaged and the brushes will flatten the web towards the edges. Each pair of brushes wipes across the surface in the opposite direction thereby ensuring that the entire width of the web is cleaned effectively.


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