Robot Sword Brush Laura®

  • Twin linear brushes

    Twin linear brushes, circulating in parallel and driven by a hub motor, provide excellent cleaning results. The brush filaments are manufactured in polyamide and the tips are smoothed and endrounded to protect scratch-sensitive surfaces.

  • Tornado nozzles Janus

    Rotating Tornado nozzles Janus 50 D are mounted in a line between the two linear brushes. The rotational speed of the nozzles as well as the die diameter are adjustable. Tornado nozzles Janus 50 D emit compressed air at several times the speed of sound, thereby eliminating particles from recessed areas like roof seams or grip recesses.

  • Self-cleaning unit

    The linear brushes undergo constant regeneration by means of a self-cleaning mechanism during continuous operations in industrial production. An adjustable rack system knocks particles out of the brush filaments and loose particles are disposed of immediately via a suction system.

  • Sensor technology

    Inductive sensors monitor the depth of the impression made on the flexible pressure buffer as well as the circulating movement of the linear brush and distance to the surface of the substrate. The flow rate of the cleaning agent and suction flow are also sensor-controlled. All sensor-specific data are transmitted via a digital fieldbus system to client process control to be used in the digitalisation of industrial production.

Flexible pressure buffer

The contact area of the circulating linear brushes is flexibly mounted on a pneumatically regulated pressure buffer. The linear brushes have a deviation tolerance of - 30 mm to + 10 mm at the centre of the flexible contact area and can therefore adapt perfectly to convex and concave curved surfaces.

Ingromat® system

  1. Micro-moistening of the brush filaments with Ingromat® antistatic cleaning agent
  2. Cleaning of the product surface: particles cling to the brush filaments and are conveyed to a suction system
  3. Self-cleaning mechanism of the linear brushes: particles are detached mechanically from the brush filaments and disposed of by a suction system


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