Combi Sword Brushes

  • Adjustment unit

    The cleaning modules are equipped with an adjustment unit for parallel height adjustment. Height adjustment is performed either manually with the aid of a crank or electrically via an actuator connected to the overall control. Additionally, the modules may be instantly removed from the surface with the help of pneumatic cylinders.

  • The Sword Brush

    Sword Brushes clean product surfaces using the patented Ingromat® system. A high-performance brush cleaning process involving micro-moistened brush filaments removes coarse particles as well as fine dust with superb results. Up to four Sword Brushes can be mounted on an adjustment unit.

  • Tornado Channel

    At the heart of the Tornado Channel are compressed air nozzles which utilise ventilation technology to dislodge particles and dust from product surfaces and recesses. According to the specific application, the Tornado Channel is deployed either as an individual unit or to perform a pre-cleaning process prior to the use of Sword Brush technology.

Modular system

A modular system allows Combi Sword Brushes to be individually tailored to meet the requirements of the respective production line. Up to four contactless cleaning modules or brush cleaning modules can be combined. A custom designed solution for each specific cleaning task is created, for instance cleaning from one side or from both sides, either with or without a pre-cleaning process using air technology.

Wiping in the same direction

Sword Brushes always wipe crosswise to the transport direction. If both the upper and lower surfaces of a panel are to be cleaned and a guide rail is present, the Sword Brushes are mounted so they wipe across the panel surface in the same direction, towards the guide rail. The panels are pushed towards the guide rail during the wiping process.

Wiping in opposite directions

Sword Brushes may be mounted at the adjustment unit in such a way as to allow the brush filaments to wipe across the panel surface in opposite directions. The opposite movements of the Sword Brushes will cancel out their wiping forces.

Pre-cleaning and precision cleaning

A Tornado Channel may be installed at the infeed to the Sword Brush. The Channel removes large quantities of particles from the product surface and from grooves and recesses. Precision cleaning using Sword Brush technology follows. Wiping with linear brushes removes any residual fine particles which cling tightly to the surface due to capillary adhesive forces.


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