Brush technology

The surface of the coil is cleaned from both sides, with two Sword Brushes wiping from above and two from below. The filaments of the brushes remove any contamination effectively from the surface. Lubricants remain on the metal strip and are spread evenly across the surface by the brushes. To protect the filaments, the linear brushes are lifted slightly at the edge of the strip and will touch the surface only after having just passed the material’s edge. The brushes at the inlet and outlet of the machine wipe in opposite directions, thus guaranteeing that the entire product surface is cleaned effectively. Wandres’ sister company with its plant in the Black Forest in Germany produces and delivers the high-end linear brushes which have proven their effectiveness and long industrial life in 24/7 operations of numerous production lines.

Flexible pressure buffer

The linear brushes are mounted on pneumatically regulated flexible pressure buffers. These buffers compensate for variations in material thickness and provide for a consistent wiping pressure on wavy metal strip. Furthermore, parallel guides prevent the linear brushes from tilting into the transport direction of fast-moving webs.The brush filaments will always meet the surface, therefore, at right angles without any overbending and deliver superb cleaning results.

Self-cleaning mechanism

In the self-cleaning unit, the linear brushes are permanently regenerated for continuous industrial use. Compressed air nozzles and a roto-rack permanently clean the brush filaments. Cleaning results thus become re­producible. The cleaning agent Ingromat® facilitates regeneration of the linear brushes during the washing periods. A thermal self-cleaning mechanism is avail­able as an option. Here, the entire suction channel and the deviation area of the linear brushes are heated to liquefy dry lubes. The dry lubes may be separated from the exhaust air in the optional cyclone filters if requested.

Pneumatic quick adjustment

If necessary, pneumatic cylinders can raise the Sword Brushes instantly from the web. This prevents polishing effects while connecting areas or faulty sections can pass through the Cevomat without causing any damage. The pneumatic height adjustment allows for a rapid coil change.


In the version with a C-shaped protective frame and a trolley, the Cevomat can be removed from the production line with ease, even when an in-process metal coil is threaded through the line. Maintenance operations during continuous process applications are therefore undemanding.

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