Tornado Nozzle Janus 50

Adjustable airflow

Blowing force and blowing angle are both adjustable. This allows for highly optimised solutions tailored to suit each individual cleaning application. The diameter of the blower nozzle can be fine-tuned accordingly to between 0 and 1.6 mm.

Removal of metal swarf

Metal swarf or filings resulting from machining operations are easily removed using these rotating nozzles. The nozzles are ideally suited for integration into modern profile processing centres.

Removal of wood shavings

The rotational movement of the nozzles automatically blows air onto the surface from various angles. Any wood shavings stuck tenaciously in grooves are thereby eliminated quickly and highly effectively.

Removal of dust particles

The jets of compressed air remove even the finest dust particles from the surface, given the appropriate distance to the product. Even the surfaces of plastic materials, for instance, are cleaned effectively prior to coating.

Parts cleaning

Technical components can be cleaned fast and effectively after manufacturing and prior to assembly.

Technical specifications

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