Economic forum 2015

Quality requirements within industrial production increase no matter what industry sector you are in: the automobile industry, the furniture industry, the electronic industry or glass manufacturers. As production processes become more complex, surface cleanliness gets more and more important in order to produce high-quality products. The company Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning has its headquarters in Buchenbach-Wagensteig in Southern Germany. It has become a specialist in cleaning industrial surfaces for many industry sectors by using both brushing and compressed air-assisted cleaning systems.

Sword Brushes remove even the most tiniest particles

Thomas Spehr, General Manager of the German company Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning explains the Sword Brush technology to clean metal surfaces.

by Simone Fischer


For more than 185 years, the German company Büttenfabrik Gmund has been specialising the manufacturing of high-end cotton paper that meets with exacting customer requirements. Severe controls ensure high quality standards. The cleaning of paper Sheets with Sword Brushes is an important element to continue fulfilling these self-set requirements.

By Simone Fischer

Ligna 2015

For the past few years, the furniture industry has been moving towards high end, high gloss surfaces. Black and white surfaces predominate, but intensive colours have found their way into kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and modern offices, too. Lively colours slowly replace the dreary grey furnishings. Especially kitchens have changed a lot. For decades they merely served to cook. Today, cooking and eating areas merge to form a world of well-being. Cooking together and fine food in a nice setting are part of a new style of living.

By Ms Simone Fischer


Sword Brush and compressed air technology provide for particle-free, clean surfaces

Manufacturers of chipboards with decorative coatings undertake major efforts to enhance their chipboard's quality and to diversify their products. The gentle and effective removal of particles from surfaces is one step to achieve this goal.

By Ms Simone Fischer


Member of the German Bundestag Thomas Dörflinger and Stegen's mayor Fränzi Kleeb

visited the Wandres plant in Buchenbach-Wagensteig on May 6, 2015. They also had a look at the company's building that is currently being erected in Stegen.


Synthetic filaments replace feathers

German car manufacturer Audi changed its cleaning equipment in one of its 4 painting lines in their Ingolstadt plant. They have replaced the cleaning process with Emu feathers and installed six-axis robots with Sword Brushes. The results are very convincing. In the future, all painting lines will be equipped with Robot Sword Brushes.

by Simone Fischer


At the Ingolstadt plant of the German automobile manufacturer Audi, Sword Brushes remove dust and contaminations after the post electro-coating sanding process

For a great number of years, Emu feathers removed dust particles from car bodies at the Audi Ingolstadt plant. Recently, Audi has removed the Emu installation in one of its painting lines and has replaced it by Sword Brushes that work with an antistatic cleaning agent. They have been making good experiences with the new installation.

By Simone Fischer

The machine manufacturer Wandres based in Buchenbach, a small village in southwestern Germany, is investing in a new production facility in the neighbouring community of Stegen. The company’s business is developing magnificently.

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